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  • Nearamina

    The High Theocrat is chosen because of his dedication to the principles of the Mind Forge and his shear power. Nearamina has little trust for the party, because they are always ware they were told not to go, and don't follow orders.

  • Timathy Cadwell

    The teachers are those who work hard to indoctrinate the young with the directives of the Mind Forge. Timathy is a mentor to the group, and primary contact. Very much a father figure to his students.

  • Clive

    Mysteries man living in a enchanted cottage in the woods by the Mind Forge. Gave the Group a odd stone. He is also believed responsible for the characters each gaining a level of wizard.

  • SecotAy Vainfinder

    The Minor Theocrat is chosen by the High Theocrat, for his own reasons. SecotAy is deeply loyal to Nearamina, and what he believes the Mind Forge stands for. As with all true followers of the Mind Forge he has a strong hatred for magic. Has no feelings …

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