Mind's Eye Valley

Letter to the Council

To The council of Seven, in regards to my search for the lost battalions of Mind Hammer and Mage Blade.

In my travels I have found many groups that would not normally coexist. They do now in order to stay alive. They live in pocket communities, these were formed in the few safe zones scattered on the planet after the war. Travel out side of these areas is still limited due to the continued dangers that lurk out side the safe zones.

One such place, “the Minds’s Eye valley”, is hidden in the Forgotten Mountains. I have traveled there by both the “Ancient Roads” as well as the “Forest Heart”. The "Ancient Roads were the longer way but far safer. This is not to diminish the dangers involved with travel on the “Ancient Roads”, just to put into perspective how truly life threatening the “Forest Heart” remains.

Traveling by the Ancient Roads lead me to the Forgotten Mountains. They are a mountain range that cover 90 percent of the North east continent. Large Clans of Dwarves call this area home. They chose to live “under the rock” as they put it, for the safety it offers. Most of them have no idea of the “Ancient Roads” or the “people of the Valley”.

A large group of dwarves made up of many subtypes have banded together under the clan name Shackled Thought. Not a very dwarven name I agree, and they act more like a cloistered religious group then a clan. (These could be what is left of the honer guard of dwarves that traveled with the lost battalions during the retreat.) However they block all ways into the Valley, and tell no one of its existence. Those who find out are killed.

I had to befriend a second son of the clan’s chief in order to confirm are suspicions of the valleys existence. Then I had to descise myself as part of a dwarven merchant caravan that travels the Valley to bring information back to the Clan elders. (What information they gained I do not know.) As you can imagine this was not an easy feat for me. The Valley is protected from entrance by a most advanced force dome. It allows for no life form to enter or exit. The dwarves ride up to the dome, unhitch the horses and push the wagons through. Each wagon has a power crystal affixed to it that lets it pass through. Then a delegation of dwarves on the other side take over and sell the goods around the Valley. When done the same sanareo is played out to retrieve the wagons. I had to polymorph in to a stone to pass through with out being found out. The dome still affected me, I was a stone for several days.

The valley itself is made up of three distinct kingdoms, surrounding a central lake. They are; The Kingdom of Freedom North, Hopesrest, and West Bank. Kingdom is there term for them, in truth they are not much more then a few villages per “kingdom” with a some what larger village as its capital. These three "kingdoms seem to be at one level of hostilities with each other at all times.
A mysterious groups of Pions known as the Mind Forge keeps these hostilities in check, but not removed. They seem to not be confined by boarders and are respected and feared by all. They keep the peace and in force the laws. There center of power seems to be an island or other hidden point in the Valley. (At this time I have not been able to locate it.) One law of note is the subjugation of all magic users, another is the forced relinction of children with pionic potential to the Mind Forge. What is done with people with magical powers is unknown at this time, just that the Minded Forge takes them into custody and they are not seen again. The children on the other hand are trained in the rederick of the Mind Forge, and powers of picnics. Then they are sent out into the valley to in force the will of the Mind Forge.

I have had chances to observe members of the Mind Forge, but only the lower ranked bands that travel the Valley. They move about in triads, mentally linked to each other and presumably the Mind Forge itself. Killing one seems to weaken the other two, but has no really effect on the Mind Forge. Another point of interest is the appearance of Elans. The Mind Forge has many of them within there ranks. This practice was forbidden by the end of the war if I’m not mistaken. Even during the war it was only performed on the worst criminals or those who were living with incurable life destroying illness.

On my second visit to the Mind’s Eye Valley via the Forest, Heart I must admit to not arriving in good health. I was found in this weekend condition and nursed back to health by a band of Magic users that were in rebellion against the Mind Forge. They were mostly made up of wood elves, but some humans and dwarves were numbered amongst them. In gratitude for there help I instructed them in magic that could help hide them, and some ways to have advantage over triads. I hope this will not be seen as a breach of the accords. All that I showed them they would have rediscovered given time. In any event what is done is done, when I return home I will yet again put myself at your mercy.

The Magic users have legends of a time when the Mind Forge and a council of Mages lived and worked together to protect the Valley, and that it was this union that created the force dome. This happened by there accounts five hundred years ago. Sometime after the creation of the Dome was when the Mind Forge influenced the three Kingdoms to enact the law against Magic users. At that time all Magic users were allowed a space of time to pack and remove themselves from the established lands of the three kingdoms. After that time they would be hunted down and killed if found in the Three Kingdoms.
(Over time the established lands of the three kingdoms has grown)

I now travel to the heart of the Magic Users lands to meet up with there lore masters. My hope is to discover any links with the Mind Hammer or Mage Blade battalion. It would be a historical break through to finally uncover what happened at the battle of Chaos Reach. Who won the battle? Why did both sides retreat, and what was the secret weapon the Shadow Lords had planned to unleash on the battalions to finally stop there forward progression?

My current belief is that the people of this valley pose no real threat to the council or the other pocket communities. However they pose a great risk to themselves if left to their current infighting. This fact can be used to our advantage I believe.
Hail the Great Council may the golden light of Averanu shine on you always
Your servant Rayvana Oldwalker


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